Bake350 Boxes

Our july box:

Bake350 Firecracker Box!

July 9th-July 10th, 10AM CST 

This two-day course is full of awesome 4th of July treats and skills!

1st Day: Learn how to make your very own red, white, and blue cake balls! 

2nd Day: Learn how to bake festive, mini strawberry and blueberry pies!

What is included in the BAKE350 Box: 

-Boxed cake mix


-Candy melts

-Craft sticks

-Block of foam

-Pie crust! 

-Red and blue sprinkles

What is needed for the Cake Pops:

- Vegetable oil

- 3 eggs

-Red and blue food coloring

What is needed for the Mini Pies:

-1 pint of strawberries

-1 pint of blueberries

- cornstarch

- granulated sugar

- lemon juice 

- 2 eggs

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