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BAKE 350

What we do: 

Bake350 offers live, online workshops that build baking skills one class at a time. The workshops will be hosted through Zoom by Lizzy and Katie, and we will take you through every recipe step-by-step to ensure baking success! Our classes are fun, interactive, and will leave your kids feeling confident in the kitchen!


Classes can easily be booked through our “Book a virtual class” page. In addition to our regular classes, we offer both individual and private group sessions with school friends or neighborhood pals. Our private group sessions can be booked through our website under the “Private classes” tab, where you will find a form to personalize your requests (birthday parties, themed workshops, etc.)! 

What we charge:

We charge $25 for each weekly class. Prices vary with individual and group sessions. Payments can be made directly on our website when you sign up for a class. 



Our previous experience:

In 2012, we created "Party Girls," a party planning business geared towards the young girls we babysat with a name that reflects the enthusiasm we bring to everything we do! Although we were only in seventh grade when we planned our first birthday party, we knew this was something we were passionate about!


This excitement led to the launch of "Party Girls Baking Camp" in the summer of 2015! We taught more than 10 sessions of Baking Camp each summer, and the girls ranged from 6 to 14 years-old. Now, almost ten years and a lot of confetti and cookies later, we are very excited to continue the party online with "BAKE 350!" 


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